What's a RFE?

RFE stands for Real Flight Event. Is an unusual event where we make a virtual airport working as a real one, with help of the real schedule. You book a flight from the list and fly it under fully staffed air traffic control, making sure you depart and arrive according to the scheduled time.

Wide Variety of Flights

We make this annual event for a numerous number of years and we make sure that we improve it every year. This time we decided to take a small risk and include one more Moscow airport into the event. On the 8th of September, all 3 biggest Moscow airports will be available to fly in out according to the real-life schedule. There are 630 flights available for you to book, so make sure you take as many as possible to fulfil the Moscow FIR.

ATC Service

During the event, we will offer the participating pilots 6 hours 3 fully staffed airports 

Calling all IVAO Members

!Any IVAO member can join this event by booking his/her flight. We welcome everyone to Moscow!

A unique opportunity

These events require a lot of preparation and work behind the scenes, and they are not as common as other types of events. Don’t miss this opportunity to simulate in a realistic environment, and book your flight today!

How can I join it?

Click on Book Your Flight, on the menu at the top of the page.